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Generare certificato iOS per notifiche push

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Generate a Push Certificate

To generate a certificate on a Mac OS X:

  • Log-in to the iPhone Developer Program Portal
  • Choose App IDs from the menu on the right (or click here)
  • Create an App ID without a wildcard. For example
  • Click the Configure link next to this App ID and then click on the button to start the wizard to generate a new Development Push SSL Certificate (Apple Documentation: Creating the SSL Certificate and Keys)
  • Download this certificate and double click on aps_developer_identity.cer to import it into your Keychain
  • Launch Keychain Assistant (located in Application, Utilities or search for it with Spotlight) and click on My Certificates on the left
  • Expand Apple Development Push Services and select Apple Development Push Services AND your private key (just under Apple Development Push Services)
  • Right-click and choose "Export 2 elements..." and save as server_certificates_bundle_sandbox.p12 (don't type a password).
  • Open Terminal and change directory to location used to save server_certificates_bundle_sandbox.p12 and convert the PKCS12 certificate bundle into PEM format using this command (press enter when asked for Import Password):
openssl pkcs12 -in server_certificates_bundle_sandbox.p12 -out server_certificates_bundle_sandbox.pem -nodes -clcerts

Now you can use this PEM file as your certificate on server